This Website Is Hosted On Hostinger India

As part of Bitcatcha mission, we buy web hosting and test it. We then share what we found on our web hosting reviews.

For this website, we want to know what it is like hosting with Hostinger. So here we are, with a test site hosted on Hostinger servers.

Which hosting plan are we using?


This test site runs on Hostinger’s Premium Shared Hosting plan.

Result: Hostinger India Uptime

We use UptimeRobot to track the uptime of this website. The figure shown below is data pulled from UptimeRobot through API.

(Tracked with

Result: Hostinger India Server Speed Test

Using our own server speed checker, we pinged this website from 10 nodes around the world, which is the equivalent of 10 people from around the world accessing this website at the same time. The data from the nodes show us how fast Hostinger India server responded to each node.

  • Rating: A+
  • Worldwide Average Speed: 171.4 ms
  • Average Speed in Singapore, Bangalore and Japan: 70 ms
  • See The Full Report